Saturday, August 05, 2006

Update On Filming
We've recieved a report from a team member that was down at the set for a while, on the same day that Kaye was able to grab those pics.:) It goes as follows:
Some of the filming today (Friday 4th August) was involving Harry and Dudley. (possible spoilers for OoTP enthusiasts here, if you're not wanting to find out what was going on in the most recent pictures taken by Kaye).

In the pictures you will see a couple of snaps of a park. This park was being used for an opening scene between Harry and Dudley. Dudley was teasing Harry with something to do with Cedric. Harry approached Dudley with his wand and then there is a weather change from being the hottest day of the year to really dark, scary winds blowing and apparently something to do with the dementors. Other bits and bobs were shot during the day, which i missed but kind of gathered from the pictures that is all still something along the same sequence. It would appear that filming is all over the place with todays filming for pretty much the start of the film, yet filming earlier this week (report and pics by Katy) was for something towards the end of the film. Who knows, we'll just have to wait and see next year.
**This from our latest member Michael Angel.

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