Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Rowling Speaks about Harry in New York

Harry Potter author JK Rowling attended a press conference this morning in New York, during which she shared some thoughts on the final book in the Harry Potter series:

"On the one hand, I am going to feel sad. Harry's been an enormous part of my life and it's been a turbulent phase of my life and he was always the constant, so there will be a sense of bereavement. But there will also be a sense of liberation because there are pressures involved in writing something as popular. Wonderful though it's been, I think that there will also be a certain freedom in escaping that particular part of writing Harry Potter."

Rowling also said that "I feel quite liberated, I can just resolve the story now. And it's fun in a way that it hasn't been before, because finally I'm doing my resolution."

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Source: Yahoo UK News

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