Thursday, June 08, 2006

Report and Pics from Japan
The following are reports/translations from Sarah in Japan, from the recent trip/visit that Devon Murray and Stan took. Pics provided by Hollywood Collectors Gallery

By the way, in case you're in the area, and missed it, they will both be in Osaka today!:)
June 1st:
Finally they both had arrived.
They didn't look tired at all. Several fans came to the airport to greet them, and Devon and Stan were chatting, taking photos, signing autographs. They didn't expect to see their fans waiting for their arrival, so they were very pleased. They had checked into one of the hotel in Tokyo, and then, they were soon out for sight-seeing.

They were especially interested in Shibuya (a very fashionable town in Tokyo popular among the young people). We introduced them to our shop "Shibuya Red Monkey Japan" (one of the affiliates of Hollywood Collectors Gallery --> ). (Sarah's note: In the pictures 1, 2, 3, & 4 ; they are wearing the watches from Red Monkey Design. ) They enjoyed walking the scramble-intersection in front of Shibuya Station (very famous for being very crowded.) We asked them to sign on the door of the warehouse at Hollywood Collectors Gallery. They also went to Ginza (huge shopping area in Tokyo), but they looked tired, so we returned back to the hotel.

We are really looking forward to having many fans at the autographing sessions starting from tomorrow.

Since both of them are young, they were really energetic from their first day. Especially, Devon was very pleased when we told him that he might be able to enjoy horseback riding in Hokkaido. They are both looking forward to meeting you from tomorrow and on.
Check out these pics:
Devon & Stan 1, 2, 3, and 4.
Devon signing, Stan signing.

Translation by Sarah
June 3rd:
Eventhough it was Friday, thank you all fans coming to see Devon and Stan at "Plantet Hollywood". (Sarah's note: This is another affiliate shop in Chiba where they had autographing and photo sessions.) Devon and Stan had rested well yesterday, and they were enthsiastic during the events.

During their break, we took them to Disneyland. Devon and Stan enjoyed Space Mountain ride.
Afternoon session was also very good. Many fans had come. As we always do, we had Q&A time among Devon, Stan and the fans. They answered many questions from the fans. Tomorrow, it will be starting from 11:00 A.M. at Ueno for the event. We are looking forward to seeing many fans.

June 4th:
Today, we had autographing and photo sessions at "Hollywood Collectors Gallery Jr."shop in Ueno, Tokyo. Many fans came and Devon and Stan were very pleased. Also, they were impressed by many gifts from the fans. It seems like it is not like that overseas....

Also, both Devon and Stan told us that Japanese fans are very polite and courteous. We are very happy that they both became big fans of Japan.
We have the events in Fukushima tomorrow.

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