Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Little More on the Trip to Japan

See the link below for some pics of Stan and Devon in Sasebo, Nagasaki on Jun. 6th and 7th. (BLOG of Hollywood Collectors Gallery)

Summary of the blog.
On Jun. 6th, they travelled to Nagasaki.
Sasebo is a town with the big US Navy Camp. Sasebo's hamberger shops are famous and popular.
They went to 2 burger shops, Logkit and BigMan.
Then, they went to the observatory for a great view of Kujyukushima (meaning 99 islands). They had TV interviews there.After that, they went to visit a factory of Senpei (local Japanese rice crackers). The factory offered some special Senpeis with their names on the crackers.
Then, they went sight-seeing in Seikai Bridge (landmark in the national park.)
On Jun. 7th, they met their fans and had the sessions for autographs and photos.

Pics shown
- Seikai Bridge
- Devon and Stan sight-seeing at Seikai Bridge.
- Devon and Stan at the hamburger shop, BigMan.
- Devon and Stan at the hamberger shop, Logkit, eating their huge hambergers.
- Senpei (local Japanese rice crackers) with Stan's name on them.
- Devon and Stan signing for the fans at Waiwai Boeki in Sasebo town.

Some more pics here.

Two pics of Devon and Stan at Red Monkey shop (watch shop) in Shibuya, Tokyo.
Devon is a big fan of Hugh Jackman, so he had chosen X-MEN model at once.
Stan had chosen 2"X-Strap Le Mans Model in cherry color to match with his shoes.
They both liked their watches very much and wore them all the time.(background: Red Monkey Japan is one of the affiliates of Hollywood Collectors Gallery. The original watch shop is in Los Angels, and their watches are popular among the hollywood celebrities.)

See the link below for some pics of Stan and Devon in Fukushima and in Tokyo on Jun. 4th and 5th. (BLOG of Hollywood Collectors Gallery)
Summary of the blog.
Today (Jun. 13), they left Tokyo.

On Jun. 4, they had autographing and photo sessions in Fukushima.
Until the dinner party with the fans, Stan and Devon played bowling. Stan was very good at bowling and his score was 140.
Pics shown
- Devon playing bowling.
- Devon and Stan signing for the fans.

On Jun. 5, they went to a high-school (girl's school) in Fukushima City.
Then, they went back to Tokyo and met Sumo wrestlers.
Pics shown
- they played "KOTO," a Japanese harp.
- they talked about their filming experiences and personal story.
- they experienced "SADO", Japanese tea ceremony.
- Stan and Devon with the Sumo wrestlers.
Stan was disappointed because Kotooshu, a famous Bulgarian Sumo wrestler, was abroad on that day. Stan really wanted to see him. But later on Jun. 12th, Kotooshu had sent them his handprints (-- more traditional for Sumo wrestlers to give handprints than autographs). Stan was exited and impressed.
The blog will be updated again tomorrow.

2006/06/12 Hokkaido Shinbun Press (see below)
Pic of Stan and Devon signing. (Chitose, Hokkaido)

**Thanks again to Sara for this.

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