Friday, May 05, 2006

Dinner With Cast Members
Harry Potter Casts --Devon(Finnegan) and Stan(Krum) are visiting Japan in June.
One of the agent (called Holliwood Collector's Gallery) is organizing their visit, and they are selling the tickets for dinner parties with them.
It is like a casual french dinner with Q&As, games, photo sessions and autographing.
They have already fixed the date for Osaka.
Here's the web site of Holliwood Collector's Gallery for updated info.

Dinner party in Osaka is on Jun. 9th Friday, 7:00p.m to 9:00p.m.
They use a banquet room of the hotel called HOTEL MONTEREY LA SOEUR OSAKA.
The participants will be having party with the casts and receiving the portrait signed by both of the casts.
This will all be taking place at the Hotel Monterey.

Other schedules
Jun.2 Chiba (Chiba) autograph & photo sessions
Jun.3 Ueno(Tokyo) autograph & photo sessions
Jun.4 Fukushima (Fukushima) autograph & photo sessions & Dinner party
Jun.7 Sasebo (Nagasaki) autograph & photo sessions & Dinner party
Jun.10 Setagaya (Tokyo) autograph & photo sessions
Jun.11 Chitose (Hokkaido) autograph & photo sessions
--Schedule from the Phelps Brothers Website (no, not official)
**Thanks much to Seiko for this!!

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