Monday, April 24, 2006

Grint On Driving Lessons
Coming Soon has a good interview with Rupert Grint on his latest movie.
Just in case you've not heard, here's a rough on the movie:
In the movie, he plays Ben, a teenager with an ultra-religious mother, played by Laura Linney, who befriends an eccentric actress played by Julie Walters, when she agrees to give him proper driving lessons.
Here's a little on the interview:
CS: How did you find time to make this movie?
Grint: Well, just in between the fourth one and the fifth one. It was only a six-week shoot filmed down in London, so it was quite easy to fit in, really.
CS: Both in this and in "Potter," you're really good at playing the awkward, uncomfortable type. Is that a natural part of yourself or is that nothing like you really are?
Grint: Slightly. It depends really what it is. Ron finds it really hard to get it on for the dance and Ben is quite awkward with the girls as well. That's something quite similar in both characters, but it's sort of typical teenage behavior, I guess.
CS: Do you get to stay at home while you're working on the movie?
Grint: I live about a half hour away from the studios, a place called Wattford. A lot of them come up from Leeds, and there's two from Ireland, so they all have to be put up in hotels. I'm quite lucky, in that sense. We've all got our own dressing rooms, and they've got a big games room with pool tables and table tennis.

As for this bit:
CS: How far along are you on the new "Potter" movie?
Grint: The fifth one? We're almost halfway there. We only sort of started, but there's still a long way to go, but it's going really well.

Don't go getting to excited all. I'm sorry to say, but I don't think he realizes how much there is on this one, as they're so Far from being half-way done.:/ Sorry guys.
For the complete interiew, check it out at the source, at Coming Soon.

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