Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Updates from the Empire Awards
Empire Online had some words with the young star of Harry Potter. Daniel Radcliffe had this to say: "We’re doing the fifth Harry Potter at the moment, which is going really really well. The new director’s fantastic. I’ve never been quite this pushed before, so regularly. He’s really pushing Harry’s emotional and psychological journey. But he also seems to have an incredible eye for sets and shoots and things.”
Rupert Grint also had this to say about the newest HP director: “Yeah, he’s really cool. We’re really getting on well. He’s a lot different from the other directors though. He’s a bit calmer, and he doesn’t really get stressed out at all, and he’s just a really nice bloke.”
Producer David Heyman said what they’ve filmed to date. “We’ve done a little bit of action so far. We’ve done some stuff involving centaurs and Grawp, who is Hagrid’s 16ft brother. The kids have to act against a lot of blue screen for characters like Grawp, but thankfully they’re used to that by now.”
Heyman also talked a little about the challenge of adapting the mammoth fifth book. “Inevitably with every book you make choices and there are certain things you have to leave out, so there are things that are left out on this. It always kills me, but you have to do it. We showed the script to Jo a couple of months ago, and she was very happy with it, so I think it’s a good adaptation.”
And on filming? Heyman: "We’re actually shooting until the middle of May, and then we break up for two months so the kids can do exams. Then we pick up in July and we shoot until October or November.”

This all from Empire Online

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