Thursday, March 02, 2006

New Emma Watson Newsletter

Emma Watson's fans who write to her are getting an updated newsletter which reads as follows:

Well, after nine months away, I am now back at the studio, as we have started filming "Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix." I can't believe how quickly this last year has gone! I have been back at school, studying hard for my GCSE's, catching up with friends and family and playing lots of hockey... and now the countdown to my exams really begins - June is approaching a little too quickly for me! I keep reminding myself of how great it will feel once they are over and I get to put my books away for a short time - not very Hermione, I know!

For now, though, my studies are running side-by-side with filming and it is really good to be back on Harry Potter. Obviously, I miss all my friends at school and the life I have built while I have been away, but I am so excited about this film that it makes it a little bit easier to be away from them all. This film feels fresh and new as everyday I am introduced to new cast members and crew. Best of all is a new approach to the script from director, David Yates, who I feel I have learned something from already, and we're just a short time into shooting. This year I will be back to my usual Hermione self - lots of running around, some stunts here, and there and lots of being thrown around!

And I'm sure we all look forward to seeing it! I can't wait!!! I hope it's the best yet!

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Anonymous said...

the order of the phinox is a great book (my opion )and i hope its just like the book and the 6th book (half-blood prince) should be a great movie and has a lot of cat fights in it and i think hermonie is actually trying to show her fellings for ron and harry is torn between them when they are fighting! i am not going to get into the details but ron sucks face in the half blood prince but i will not tell who!