Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Little on Filming from Jamie
This from Jamie Waylett at his Official site.
He talks about filming, the latest director, and the recent podcast he took part in with TLC.
Hi everyone! I have been at the studio a lot in the last few weeks, so I have been very busy. The new director is really good, he asks for our opinions on our characters a lot...I said I think Crabbe is a really good, kind guy... (only joking!) I think "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" might even be better than "Goblet of fire"! We've filmed a few scenes so far and we've been having a lot of fun as the baddies...pushing Neville around, mostly! Me, Josh, Tom and some other Slytherins are Umbridge's favourite students, so it's great to make the Gryffindors uncomfortable for once! We also got new dressing rooms and a games room, and since a lot of usdon't have tutoring anymore we're enjoying it!No ferrets or other animals in my costume this time...yet!! My friend Melissa Rang me last weekend and asked if I would like to take part in the Leaky Cauldron's PotterCast.......It was great fun.......We just chatted about everything including filming and the movies and even some burritos..........if you want, you can listen to it HERE.

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