Thursday, February 02, 2006

Getting Ready for Order of the Phoenix and One Last Glance at Goblet of Fire

With filming starting next week on OOTP, actor Daniel Radcliffe has been busy getting prepared to reprise his role as Harry. He explained to the media how he went about placing himself in the right frame of mind for his character and about the development of the Harry Potter stories in two wonderful articles published by

Harry Potter's 'Phoenix' Begins Rising Next Week

Radcliffe prepared for "Phoenix" by meeting with a bereavement counselor so he could understand survivor's guilt, since his two main relationships in this film with his godfather Sirius Black and new girlfriend Cho Chang are grounded in a mutual need to bond with another person after a great, shared loss.

"Sirius is clinging on to James (Harry's father and Sirius' best friend) through me, and I'm trying to know my father through him," Radcliffe said. "The same thing happens with me and Cho. I was the last person there when her last boyfriend, Cedric, was killed."

No More Child's Play

"The whole series is about the loss of innocence," says Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry in the films. "In the first one ['The Sorcerer's Stone'], everyone's very wide-eyed, almost naive. Harry's thinking that because he's entering a magical world, it's got to be better than the world he's come from. But it's not -— it's just got further extremes. It can have extreme joy, but there are also the depths that man can sink to."

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