Friday, January 27, 2006

E-mail Fraud - Further Info

After our recent warning I contacted Kate Chilton, one of Warner Brothers' 'legal eagles', regarding the reports about the e-mail scam, which is being aimed specifically at children. Apparently recipients are being offered roles in the next Harry Potter film, but are being asked to pay 'tuition fees'.

Warner Brothers NEVER RECRUIT BY E-MAIL!!!! Kate says:-

"You are correct that Warner Bros. would never recruit via email. Generally, casting for motion pictures is done by our casting executives and they rely on their own knowledge of actors/actresses and also rely on agents.
Warner Bros. does not have open casting calls for motion pictures where members of the general public can show up and audition. If extras are hired for non-speaking roles, the production will generally contact a service like Entertainment Partners and ask for a certain number of people to be sent."

Obviously there are exceptions to these rules (as the recent 'open casting' for Luna Lovegood proves), but do not be conned into paying anyone to get you into the film!!!

Please let us know if you have been approached in this way, or you can contact Warner Brothers direct via e-mail to We will of course pass on any information we receive.

If you are a child and you receive an e-mail from anyone you do not know you should tell your parents, or guardian!!

My advice, for what it's worth, is if you want to be an actor or an extra in any film - join a reputable agency!

Constant Vigilance!!!

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