Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Red Carpet Interviews
At the premiere in London last Sunday, Veritaserum was there to report on the big show. And they have some interviews that they were able to get from Daniel Radcliffe, Tom Felton, and James & Oliver Phelps.
Daniel Radcliffe
VTM: When you were writhing on the floor in agony in the graveyard scene (under the Cruciatus Curse) - where did you pull those emotions from?
Dan: I sort of imagined an electric charge coming up at my...shooting through my spine, simultaneously while my skeleton is trying to burst out of my skin, because that, I would imagine to be the most painful thing I could sort of imagine, and so that was sort of what was in my head, rather disturbingly. Um, sorry!
James & Oliver Phelps
Oliver: We did about a week's preparation to actually doing it, like we jerked back and landed on mats and that sort of thing, and then we had to do it in uniform, and then we had to do it like the stunt guy.
James: Yeah. We get on with the stunt guys anyway, because we respect someone who could be held from a tree, get up, and then go to lunch. So, we had a great time hanging with them, and we had a great time.
VTM: Are you coming back for the next movie?
James: We are!
Tom Felton
On Half-Blood Prince: "I'd be more than happy to come back for the sixth one if they offered me. It's nice that he has a little change in his usual... he's a little bit shallow at times, isn't he, Draco? So it's nice that, you know, he stepped up his game in the sixth film, try something a bit more interesting, so I look forward to it."
Will Draco end up good or evil? "Who? Draco? Evil all the way! Until the seventh film, maybe. I don't know, I have no idea, but I'd like him to stay evil, I think. I don't want him to become friends with Harry."
And on the ferret scene: "It's quite peculiar. They asked me...we studied the ferrets for a while, to look on how they, I dunno, sniff the floor and hand their hands out. That's pretty much it. There wasn't much to it....Originally, I was meant to run off, um, naked, 'cause I lose my clothes in...I was a little iffy about that - sixty or seventy extras and a cold day and all that. But luckily, well, luckily, I don't know if it was luckily or not, but in the end, they decided to cut it. It would've been 15, 18, X-rated! Good thing they chose not to do that one, I guess."
Veritaserum also has video from Daniel, James and Oliver. Check out their site to view them.

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