Sunday, November 13, 2005


One of my favourite pictures from the New York premiere! Ralph Fiennes, who plays 'Lord Thingy', about to get Daniel Radcliffe, the 'boy-who-lived'! (But, maybe, for not much longer if he doesn't look out!)

He looks scary enough like that - Ralph I mean - imagine what he must be like with the make-up on! Our thanks to Yahoo for this one, and you can see their gallery here.

I would just like to add a personal comment: I have read dozens of reviews now of the Goblet of Fire film - does anyone else have the feeling that most of these reviewers have never read a Harry Potter book? Quite a number of reviewers have mentioned characters flitting in and out of the film for no apparent reason. If they had read the books they would understand! I think some have probably not even seen the previous three films!

Obviously, no film could ever include everything from this book, so some parts have to be excluded - we all understand that - but these reviewers, and I will not mention them by name, they know who they are, seem completely clueless about the world of Harry Potter! (Just to quote one - she said that Wormtail cuts off his hand "for no apparent reason". We know why, don't we?) These would be the same people who review other films having read the books they are based on - because they quote from them - why not, then, the Harry potter books? They have to understand that the storyline is based on a series of books - none is unrelated to another!

We all know how complicated the storylines can be, so perhaps the media should get the real fans to review the films, instead of using their 'professional' reviewers. We understand the whole background of these stories!! In my view these films are not stand-alone films like most others on the market - they are linked to one of the biggest phenomenons in the world. They are part of the Harry Potter Universe!

Despite what any reviewer or critic says, Goblet of Fire will be a huge box-office hit - and so will the next three films - because there are millions of fans across the world who will want to see them! But the film-makers should beware - don't mess with the storyline too much, or else.......!

Of course, I'm not including reviewers from the fan-sites in this, just those 'media' reviewers/critics who haven't a clue about the magical world that J. K. Rowling has created!

Mind you, I have never not watched a film because of a bad review!! Have you? Give us some feedback on your opinions of the reviews you've read!

For the best review I've read, you should scroll down to Ty's review of the Cast & Crew Premiere - no spoilers either!!

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