Sunday, November 06, 2005

London Goblet of Fire Premier
Well I hope everyone that couldn't make it to the London Premier enjoyed watching the live stream via AOL? and don't forget its repeated on demand so if you didn't see it first time go there now and view through Windows Media player.
Sad news from the red carpet was JK Rowling and family couldn't make it because of her Husband getting ill, its a pity the great lady couldn't make it and we wish him well, sure its nothing serious, he is a Doctor too! so hope its a quick recovery.
Just want to say a few words on Daniels Parents, they just stood back letting Daniel sign autographs and chat to all the fans who have been waiting since the early hours for a good while, but what ALL the crowd enjoyed was hearing Alan (Daniels Dad) tell the news teams 'he is going to the fans first THEN you, you will have to wait' !! - good on you!
BUT, everyone had to run for cover when Rupert appeared, im afraid ALL his screaming fans could quite easily have burst your eardrums!

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