Thursday, November 03, 2005

Gleeson on Moody
A small piece was done on Brandon Gleeson, describing his take on Moody at
During filming, Gleeson described Moody as "a gun-slinger with a wand."
"He's someone who has chased the demons away from goodness to the extent that he's become quite warped by it."
Gleeson agreed with director Mike Newell's suggestion that he play Moody as someone whose physical scars of battle have also damaged him emotionally. Newell says the actor has "an elemental quality that is part savage and part wild-eyed innocent."

"It's a very interesting arc to play with this character who comes to Hogwarts as death warmed over and grows into someone the kids learn to trust," Gleeson said. "What appealed to me about this character is that he reminds me of some of my old teachers. He has no time for book-learning or pussy-footing about. He wants to show these young men and women what they're up against. Evil exists and they'd better know what they're getting themselves into."
Moody's unique mechanical eye was created for the film by effects supervisors Nick Dudman and Jimmy Mitchell. "The eye became a character in itself," Newell said, "although to reveal exactly how we created it would spoil the illusion for audiences."

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