Friday, November 25, 2005

Daniel Radcliffe to Appear in 'Extras'

Daniel Radcliffe is to make another screen appearance apart from the "Harry Potter" films and the "December Boys" movie (currently filming), and this time it'll be on the BBC Two television comedy with Ricky Gervais (star of The Office) called "Extras", according to the BBC and Chortle UK.

The BBC is saying: "Boy-wizard Daniel Radcliffe is the first actor to be confirmed for the second series of 'Extras'. Though it's not yet decided in what capacity he'll appear, we do hope he'll be saying some really inappropriate things for his public image. Ooh, we like that."

And Chortle says: "A BBC insider was today quoted as saying: ‘The idea is to blow apart the theory he's a clean-living schoolboy who is a bit posh and portray him as a thuggish yob.’"

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