Thursday, November 03, 2005

Beware Fake WB Emails
This was posted today at Warner Brothers' Official site:
There have recently been a number of emails circulating claiming to be casting for upcoming Harry Potter films. Many of these emails request personal information and some have the subject line of "WARNERBROS CASTSEARCH" or something to that effect. This is to advise that Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. does not engage in casting activity through email. These emails are fraudulent and you should not respond to any such email. Feel free to forward any such messages to and we will do our best to investigate the fraudulent activity.

Sci Fi Wire was able to obtain one of the fraudulant emails, and it
purports to come from "WarnerBros Acting Studios" in London. In part it reads:
"You have been selected to apply and participate as an 'Act' in the induction, casting and making of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which will be in theaters by July 2007. This selection is organized by writer J.K Rowling in the bid to create original characters for the casts. We will acknowledge your altruistic effort and appreciate your recognition. Selection of applicants and first shots of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince will hold in three locations, which includes Spain, London and Greece." The e-mail then seeks personal information.

Please think it over of course, before sending out ANY personal information online. And be wary of this newest scam. I'm sure it's simply one of many with the upcoming movie on the way.

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