Monday, October 03, 2005

WB being sued??
I know, it used to be common with it being the other way around, but you heard it right!
Warner Brothers is being sued, by a band calling themselves the 'Wyrd Sisters'. They're demanding $40 million, and insisting that the movie, The Goblet of Fire, not be shown in Canada, as they feel it might take some of their fans away.
Personally, I can only imagine a band trying to 'ban' Harry Potter, losing fans because of the act itself, not because they might share a name that sounds alike.
The band's lawyer said, "The name of the band is threatened by Warner Brothers actions. If everybody knows Harry Potter's Wyrd Sisters, we can't go out and find new fans because people are going to see us and go, well who are you? Some people are going to think we're ripping them off."
Unfortunately for the band's reputation, a high majority of fans already think the band is ripping WB off, seeing as the name is not at all original - it dates back to Shakespeare's Macbeth and is also the title of Terry Pratchett's Wyrd Sisters (1988) - and it certainly won't cost them tens of millions of dollars. Warner Bros. actually offered the band $5,000 for the use of their name in the movie months ago, but of course, they opted for immediate refusal and then a $40 million lawsuit after their band name wasn't used in the film.
**This from The Canadian Press

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