Sunday, October 30, 2005

Premiere at Leicester Square
As previously reported, there was a premiere viewing for the cast and crew for Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire held today at Leicester Square in London today. Amongst some of the names, were Pedja Bjelac, Jamie Waylett, Robert Pattison, as well as the producer and director.
The following is the report given by Sirius:

Cast & Crew film Premier
Sunday October 2005. Well its hard to know where to start with this report of THE first, full, cinema screening of The Goblet of Fire. Let's start things rolling by saying this IS without doubt THE best Harry Potter film, by far, bar none! Incredible, breathtaking, awesome, amazing! - and that was before we sat down to watch it :-) The ARE no spoilers here, I'm afraid we won't reveal any of the secrets and there are surely many. For the millions of you that simply can't wait, you will NOT be dissapointed with The Goblet of Fire. I'm sure Warner Bros. will forgive us for saying wait until you experience scenes from the Quidditch World cup in the cinema setting, my gosh its fantastic! If like me you love the opening chapter in the Goblet of Fire because of its change of direction from previous books (opening in the Riddle house and NOT at the Dursley's) - oh boy are you in for a treat. We were a little outspoken perhaps at the release of The Prisoner of Azkaban, there WERE many faults in our opinion, whilst Alfonso IS a great guy AND a great Director, we felt Prisoner just didnt cut it - but then we are all fans of the books first no? There is NO critisism of Mike Newell for his unique approach and sheer fantastic final cut. The team of staff used to make these films, the huge list of extra's, the production team, everyone were ALL quite rightly praised and applauded by the VERY selfless Mike Newell on stage before the curtain went up. He took hardly any credit for what is in effect and remembered as 'his' film, but instead, told all the cast & crew 'it would not have been anything without them', we agree BUT what a fantastic job he has done !! Quite rightly all the cast and crew are very proud of their work, in a few snatched moments straight after the screening we managed to get a few words with quite a few of the cast.

Check out the gallery below, for some pics taken.
Premiere at Leicester Square Gallery
More photos and info to come. ;)

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