Friday, October 14, 2005

New HP Dolls
Coming up this November, the Tonner Doll Company will be releasing its' new Harry Potter dolls. According to their descriptions on the dolls, are to be 17" tall, and are made of both hard plastic and vinyl, with hand-[ainted faces.
So far there are two ready to go out with pics up. One's Harry Potter @ Hogwarts.

With a listing price of $124.99
It comes with a stand, wand, and traditional Gryffindor outfit, but NOT Hedwig, as shown on the box.
It's also listed to 5000.

The other one currently being shown is Harry @ the Yule Ball.

This one is priced at $149.99
Comes with wand, stand, black dress robes and white formal tie.
It will be limited to 2500

Check them out HERE for purchase and more info.

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