Tuesday, October 25, 2005

More Interviews and Articles
Sci Fi Wire's Radcliffe Got Daring In Potter IV
Dark Horizons' Ralph Fiennes Interview
and a sneak peak at DreamWatches (on sale October 27th) article with Daniel Radcliffe (courtesy of TLC)
"I think [The Goblet of Fire] will divide people because I'm not sure how some will react to the death [of a major character] and also to me being cut open and tortured by Voldemort [played by Ralph Fiennes]. All of that stuff is pretty hard-hitting, particularly for something that is considered a kids' film," says Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe...."I don't think we are kids anymore. A lot of people who were first kids [when they watched The Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone], who were 11 or 12, are now about 15 or 16. So I think it will divide people, but I love anything that does that, really. Anything that splits and audience, I think that's quite good."..."The relationship with Dumbledore is very interesting because it is that which really forces Harry to grow up very fast," Radcliffe says. "Part of growing up and becoming an adult is realizing that other adults aren't perfect and don't know everything. And so for Harry to experience that first-hand has a big impact."

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