Monday, October 31, 2005

More from yesterdays Cast & Crew Premier in London.
As promised here's a little bit more from yesterday's Cast and Crew Premier....
I must emphasise again, there are no spoilers here, why on earth would you want them anyway ?
On leaving the cinema, it can only be said that for a handful of fans (us included) the magic well and truly continued......
This is a friendly bunch at HP you know! we're talking about everyone leaving the Odeon, Leicester Square after a 6 or 7 am start for most of us and still being outside a good hour afterwards. Not once, it has to be said, was anyone turned down for a 5 minute chat, a signature or a photograph. Not one of the Cast or Crew would'nt talk or stop to answer questions, it was to quote a crew member "The best EVER!" and "its great to enjoy what's been done".
Whilst a lot of the Cast and Crew were catching up (as they have not seen each other for a while it seemed), chatting to old friends or marvelling at the finished production, we were able to speak to a few of the 'newer' stars.
First and foremost was Pedja (Karkarov) If ever there was a nicer guy, I want to meet him. Standing head and shoulders above most others, with some great hair flying around in the wind *g* we went over and he was so happy to take 5 minutes to chat "for the children". With an air of just being an ordinary fan and not the big screen star Pedja is just a cool guy, a family man who it seems is such a natural with children. Asked about filming he told us he "absolutely loved every minute of it", "the courtroom scene took a long time to film, but it was great" (referring of course to the Pensive scene with Harry & Dumbledore).
Once all the children were thrilled with their signed tickets, posters and books and all the handshakes were over Pedja just drifted quite happily back with his friends almost as if he was just going for coffee! - this IS a big star who needs NO limousine let me assure you! I for one hope we see him be a big star.
Jamie Waylett, well what can be said about Jamie that we have not reported before? Whether he is on set, from The wrap parties or location shoots, he is the loveliest guy you could ever meet. ALWAYS happy to take time out, always happy to have his picture taken with children again and just loves the whole HP experience it strikes me.
Jamie was at this Premier with his lovely girlfriend too (sorry ladies if this is bad news) but again he was (like us) totally "blown away" with the finished production.

A few others who we would like to mention as they were just so relaxed, professional, but great to chat to were Afshan Azad (Padma). Padma is an incredibly pretty girl and will be a big star everyone who was there agreed, a lovely change was how everyone seemed in awe of it all, no matter if a guest, actor or whoever! Afshan absolutely loved being in the film and we believe she has already signed up for the next film. Afshan will also be at the official Premier on the 6th of November, along with her Sister this time. Afshan told us "Rupert is really nice and it was great fun all the time, it was great being his dance partner, we all had great fun and enjoyed every second of being there".
Rupert Grint was not at the Premier but we asked Afshan if she had met Rupert's Grandfather yet?, a truly awesome man who goes nearly everywhere with Rupert, those who have met the man as Afshan did said the same thing 'he is great'.
We also spotted Devon Murray's Mum, whom we asked if Devon was going to the official Premier, for all you fans he will be there but couldn't make this one as he had just flew in from New York and was completely exhausted through jet-lag.
Emma Watson's screen double was also her with us, what a nice girl, happy to sign, happy to chat and one particular boy seemed to take a shine to her too :-) - you know who you are C *g*.

There are so many other people to mention that we cant fit everyone in this time, all the extra's, all the body double's and girls, Robert Pattinson IS as good looking as you imagine! he chatted and signed lots of items but dedicated something VERY special for a fan which will be appreciated for years to come. We must save the last few words for one very talented man, we'll let you have his words after the film is released, for now lets just say 'sparks fly' when this guy hits the screen, absolutely fantastic; look out for him as the Students enter the Great Hall!

So just as one minute there were hundreds of people around, it could have been with a quick flick of a wand, the crowds were gone, quietly, almost magically (seriously! it was spooky), everyone disappeared and it was the end of a truly brilliant Premier - Here's to EVERYONE involved in the making of The Goblet of Fire, they have done JK Rowling's work proud ! Thank you all.

We also hope in the next few days to bring you some great video clips of all the guys there, we'll keep you posted as soon as we can upload them.

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