Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cast on WB
The Phelps twins and Bonnie Write will be hosting a show called "HARRY POTTER'S SPELLBINDING SECRETS SATURDAY" on October 29, on WB.
Viewers will be able to see some behind the scenes from the HP films, while the three actors host the Saturday morning lineup from 8am to 12pm(EST)
The press release read the following:
Kids' WB!, which received special access to the Harry Potter movie sets in London, "treats" viewers to special effects "tricks" as the network goes behind the scenes into the magical world of the Harry Potter films. Kids' WB! and the Weasleys will unmask how the movie makers created some of the magic and how the special effects bring various movie scenes to life. Join the Weasleys as they reveal the movies' spellbinding secrets - including how the actor who plays Peter Pettigrew was turned into a rat; how a half-eagle/half-horse mythical creature came alive on screen; and how the triple decker Knight Bus managed to squeeze its way through London traffic!
**Thanks to TLC on this

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