Wednesday, September 28, 2005

US Editor of the Harry Potter books speaks about his work
But first, the full interview, given to a group of around 100 Yale students by the Editor of Scholastic DOES contain spoilers; if you have not yet finished the Half Blood Prince dont read it.
Levine as you would expect speaks in glowing terms of JKR and suprised some by saying he has "no intention" of ending his partnership with Rowling.
"I think I'll have complex feelings about [the last book]," Levine said. "It's clearly the series that I will be best known for. But it won't be, it's not the end of my career. It's not the last thing J.K. Rowling will write either, and my relationship with her will continue.
Click here to see the entire article. Thanks to TheLeakyCauldron

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