Sunday, September 04, 2005

Top Moments in History?
Entertainment Weekly has put out what they feel are the top moments in Entertainment History over the last 25 years. And while there are some good, shining moments there; be warned, also on their list, is 'Oprah' on tv for the first time, and 'Who shot J.R.?'? (no, not Tolkien). So, you have been warned, reading through the whole list can cause excessive drooling and a feeling of the mind going numb/blank.
The reason why this bit of news is posted here? Is that the Midnight release of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire was on said list. It says this (for 2000):
'HARRY POTTER 4' DROPS AT MIDNIGHT (2000)A publishing phenomenon: Excited fans of every age line up...for a book!'
It says to come back later this month in order to see what is #1 on their list (as they only published 24 of 25).
Click HERE to see the entire list. GoF is second to last.

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