Monday, September 12, 2005

Interview with Eric Sykes
Eric plays the long time gardner of the Riddles' home in the upcoming The Goblet of Fire. There was an interview with him at Manchester Online. Now, I shouldn't have to put this in here, but in the OFF chance, some HP fan has Not read The Goblet of Fire, below is somewhat of a spoiler. Below is the part where he discussed his part in the filming of Harry Potter.

"I learned more on The Others and Harry Potter than I think I have in my whole career in films.
"There were one or two comments on Harry Potter that I was the best person they'd ever seen die. And I said it wasn't the first time I'd died on stage".

"It was so enjoyable. I thought it was all going to be shot in half a day and it went on for a couple of weeks. They kept adding little bits until it's my scene coming down the stairs, and that's the opening of the picture.
"They wanted him to be so well known so that when he dies after the first five minutes, all the audience would go, `Ahhh'

**To read the full interview, check it out HERE.

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