Monday, August 01, 2005

Signed books by Grandpre
BooksofWonder is selling Half-Blood Prince books in both regular and Deluxe versions at their site.
The regular version is being sold at $29.99
With the Deluxe HBP sold for $60.00
Both come signed by the illistrator, Mary Grandpre.
People have already tried to sell such copies signed by the illustrator, and asking outrageous prices for them. So if you're interested in buying one for yourself, be sure to get an 'authentic' one, and check out Books of Wonder.
Also, if interested, please be sure to get one (or more) for yourself as soon as possible, as these are limited and won't last forever.
Also, for catalog orders, they are giving away a tote with their orders. Jeff just received his here.

**thanks to Jeff Speiser, from Ann Arbor, MI for this

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