Monday, August 15, 2005

Phelps Interveiw
At the Cauldron Con over this past weekend, there was a Q & A session which James & Oliver Phelps participated in at the event. Below is the low down on what was said (courtesy of Lissy from snitchseeker).
On Goblet of Fire:
Oliver: “The fourth film is really a lot different then the other films that have come out. The director, Mike Newell, is an English director and it’s got a lot more of an English feel to it. So we could relate to the part a lot more.”
James: *agrees* “Chris and Alfonso were really nice to work with as well. All three directors were really nice people. They had different ways of doing things. Chris was hands on, Alfonso was very hands on and Mike is very, very hands on!” *laughter*
James: “Goblet of Fire has to be my favorite so far.”
Oliver: *agrees*
Go HERE for the full interview.

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