Sunday, July 24, 2005

Want a GENUINE Half Blood Prince signed book from the Edinburgh book launch?

We are lending our support to an auction currently on eBay for only the 2nd GENUINE HBP signed book to have appeared there since the books launch last week. This in itself isnt unique;what is however, is there have been nearly 50 'signed HBP' auctioned. We try to help promote basic facts and guides to help buyers, but whilst there are still many of you desperate to own a copy it isnt easy - be careful, check and double check if you want to buy one - constant viggilance! - there are just as many crooks as there are buyers on eBay!

The book then, it is being auctioned by Chloe Anwyll. A competition winner from England. Chloe absolutely loved the chance to meet JK Rowling (nearly as much as her Dad!) but whilst she is keeping all of her personal items (invitations, passes,etc) from the evening and of course has all the memories, she wants the book to go to a fan who would not otherwise get the chance to own a signed copy.
Not only will you recieve Chloe's signed copy but also some of the goodies which went with it, bag, poster, T-shirt and transcript. Bidding has a full 9 days left. Be sure to check it out HERE.

Picture of Chloe is shown with permission of PA

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