Sunday, July 17, 2005

Small bit on interview with Owens
To the one who got to claim the 'Ultimate Harry Potter Fan' in title to win a one on one interview with Rowling, some of the interview can be read here:
She told Owen: “I am dreading it in some ways.“I do love writing the books and it is going to be a shock, a profound shock to me.“Even though I have known it is coming for the past fifteen years, I have known that the series would end, I think it will still be a shock.“Conversely, obviously there will be a sense of achievement... I suppose there will be some benefits to not writing Harry Potter books any more. So it is about fifty-fifty really.”
To read the full piece on IrelandOnline, check it out HERE.
There are also another piece done by CBBC Newsround. View that HERE.

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