Sunday, July 17, 2005

Rowling on keeping the book quiet
The youngsters arrived at Edinburgh Castle on Friday night as guests of honour in horse drawn carriages. Luckiest of all was Owen Jones from Cardiff, whose thirty minute interview with his heroine will be shown on Scottish TV at five o'clock this evening.
Owen asked JK Rowling: "Security has been a huge issue with the Harry Potter books, what do you think you've gained from keeping the plots such a secret?"
She replied: "I gain nothing but the satisfaction of knowing that all my hard work goes to the people for whom it is intended, in other words - people who really want to read the books. I find it upsetting and disquieting that some elements are so keen on spoilers because it seems such a mean spirited thing to do, this isn't about money or anything other than the pleasure of reading for people who want to read it, so..."

**From Scotland Today

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