Tuesday, July 05, 2005

No News??
No, we haven't taken a vacation at a very important time in the HP world right now (though it's a rather nice idea). Around here, No News, means JUST that. There isn't any news worth putting up. Sorry if some of this seems rough for fans desperate to get any piece of Harry Potter information, but we check daily, Promise. ;)
If you'd like to read about security being high for the book, or the braile books (which we posted at least a month ago), or other such, you won't find it here. Not that we don't have lots of time to re-post old news or other things that've gone through the grinder. But we consider HP fans smart enough to know you're NOT going to get the chance to read the sixth book Till it comes out. And you have better things to do than read the latest article published by some magazine or paper, desperate to get die-hard Potter fans to buy theirs, saying "Security is tight".
So, no we're all still here. And waiting to only bring you 'News' (new news that is). So here's to enjoying the quiet before the storm. ;)
Cheers all.

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