Monday, July 25, 2005

Latest Interviews
Coming Soon! has got up interviews of Ianevski, Pattinson, and Poesy, from The Goblet of Fire.
These were done when the movie was still being filmed, and they were given access to the set.

CS!: Can you tell us how you got the part of Victor Krum?
Stan: Well, I had only been in little school thing. In Israel, we had little theatre things, but they were minor. I got the part in my current school. We had afternoon registration and I was late, and I was speaking to one of my friends in school, running to sign in at the late afternoon. The casting director was walking by and she heard my voice. She turned around and told the head of drama that she wanted me to come to audition. That's how it started. I went to a lot of auditions and I eventually got to meet Mike and got the part.

Check out the full article HERE. But be wary, if you've not yet read the fourth book, there will be some spoilers.
CS!: How was it shooting the Tri-Wizard scenes?
Robert: The maze right at the beginning was tough, physically demanding stuff. It's me and Stan and Dan doing it for most of the time, and most of the special effects are kind of real. The whole thing was hydraulic, so the maze is crushing and squeezing in on you, and no one knew if you were going to sort of die, because it closed the whole way. It was all pretty exciting stuff. I had never done anything like that before.
Stan: It was the very first thing we were doing, as well, and we had quite a few laughs. We were at some times a bit scared.

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