Friday, July 15, 2005

Chancellor praises Rowlings' work
After all this gibberish about the Pope being against Rowlings' grand pieces of work, now we get to see and hear from someone important and how he feels she's done great work.
Chancellor Gordon Brown has been quoted saying "I think JK Rowling has done more for literacy around the world than any single human being," he added.
The Chancellor was interviewed by ITV for a programme to mark the sixth book's release, as was Secretary of State David Blunkett.
Mr Brown said that the character he would most like to be was Harry Potter, due to his courage and intelligence.
Mr Blunkett added that he would like to see Potter's friends Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley become an item and would most like to be Sirius Black, a character which died in the fifth book.
"He actually was prepared to sacrifice, he went through hell and he was destroyed in a good cause," he said.
Mr Blunkett is a self-confessed fan of the books, having chosen it as his specialist subject for Celebrity Mastermind.

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