Saturday, July 30, 2005

Accio 2005 trial
We had two HP4U staffers attended the Accio conference in Reading, and they brought us back two reports along with pictures.
Friday evening - WhiteKnights Campus - Reading University, England.
A wizengamot style session, specially convened inside a great hall in the muggle University of Reading, England witnessed extra-ordinary scenes of high drama and tension as one Severus Snape - erstwhile potions master at Hogwarts School of Wizardry - was cleared of a battery of charges levied against him by magical and non-magical supporters of hero-in-the-making, Harry Potter.

Emotions ran rampant as members of the wizarding community and muggles heard teams for the defence and prosecution deliver skilfully honed and intricately researched evidence to support petitions for and against the defendant. Snape saviours Serena Culfeather and Pip Downs insisted there was never any doubt in their minds as to their client's innocence but confessed to a moment of collywobbles when asked to provide unequivocal proof in light of recent events as described in the Half-Blood Prince. "We, in our hearts of hearts, knew that Snape was innocent but the way we were asked to prove it was extremely difficult." declared silver-tongued Slytherin Serena Culfeather. "Judge Madam Hall insisted that all petitions be presented in language and style as close to British legal parlance as possible and was extremely strict in that resolve. I made one slight slip of the tongue which could have reflected badly upon our client had the judge and jury chosen to take it at face value. Fortunately, I was able to retrieve the situation and successfully prove my point." After careful deliberation, Judge Madam Hall delivered the NOT GUILTY verdict after which all parties retired to the Bar to consider the implications of the result. It was widely believed the defendant would be absent from these proceedings however several witnesses noticed THIS familiar figure lurking in the hallowed hallway outside the court. Though unwilling to comment - the terse individual posed for this telling photo before disappearing to we know not where.

A transcript of the trial in its entirety can be seen shortly at
Report 2.

Though presented as an unofficial celebration of all things Harry Potter, the organisers of Accio 2005 were surprised and delighted to receive a copy of the Half-Blood Prince autographed by JK Rowling. "We're not authorised by Warner Bros or Bloomsbury in any way, so it was such a delightful shock to receive this totally unexpected gift." said Conference Chairperson Ali Hewison. "We will be auctioning the book including its letter of authentication, which came from Jo's office, after our feast on Saturday night. The proceeds will be split between the National Literacy campaign and One Parent Families, two of Jo's favourite charities." Accio 2005 is the first event of it's kind in the UK set up to invite adult fans to investigate and discuss the intellectual themes within the Harry Potter universe. "We are kind of feeling our way with this one and are utterly thrilled to receive the book and good wishes from Jo." smiled Hewison. "We can't thank her enough."
- by Jayne.

Snape-The Picture of Innocence

'DumbleDad' supporting Snape

Serena Culfeather - Defender of the Snape

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