Friday, June 24, 2005

Report on the GoF game by EA
TLC received a report by a reader who attended the EA Games Holidze Showcase that took place in NYC yesterday. They had this to say on it:
"It looks incredible. ... First, they haven't yet finished the game. The maze is still in development, so even the publicist hasn't seen it! The game follows the movie pretty closely but will pull in elements from the book that the movie wasn't able to.
The game is split up into sections: the Quidditch World Cup (where you can be either Ron, Harry or Hermione, but no matter who you are, the other two help you - this is the first time cooperative play has been used) which operates as sort of a training ground to familiarize you with spells (you'll even get help from Mr. Weasley and other characters at times); and the Triwizard Tournament (where you can be either Harry, Krum, Fleur or Cedric).
The objective is to collect "magical beans," which give you experience points. I got a look at the first task, and the Horntail is pretty impressive!
At the end, Harry WILL face Voldemort, although I was assured that none of the kids die in the game - they are simply "stunned" and sit down.
Additionally, you can play with your friends or against them, and they can drop out at any time and the game will allow you to keep playing. And you can switch characters at will!
The game will be available on all systems and is different on every system. For example, Nintendo DS has a touch screen, so it has different elements (like Care of Magical Creatures and the Yule Ball)."

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