Friday, June 17, 2005

Clock revealing in NY
TLC attended yesterday's unveiling of Scholastic's 30-day countdown clock at its New York City store. Kids from a nearby elementary school gathered around the huge Half-Blood Prince display and answered trivia questions posted to them by Arthur Levine, the main editor of the Scholastic edition of Harry Potter, and Barbara Marcus, the executive vice president of Scholastic. The kids chanted Alohomora, and the two execs pulled back curtains to reveal the countdown clock.
See pics of the event here; cycle through by hitting "next" at the bottom of each! (These pics were taken by Leaky designer extraordinaire, John Noe.)
After Mr. Levine and Ms. Marcus were through with the event, they were kind enough to stick around to answer some of our questions. Levine said:
"[Fans] will like the fact that they are finally getting a lot of answers ... You have moments when you say, 'Wow, Harry is really growing up,' which is not something you would have said three books ago. ... Gosh, Hermione? You know, 'You go girl.'"
TLC also has video of the event, so just head over to their site if you'd like to watch that.

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