Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Auctioning off Rowlings' small book
Some time ago, Rowling gave a small book to be auctioned off; and it seems it was either not sold, or she has given another now. Stanley Gibbons, is now autioning off her small book @ ebay.
In the auction, this is written for it:
A beautiful piece, written, and signed, on the opening page in fine black pen ink ‘by J.K Rowling’ the bestselling British author. A miniature, green hard-back (landscape) book, embossed with gilt decoration (measuring approx. 4x6 cm), which contains a selection of delicate illustrations of broomsticks, witches hat's and Harry's trademark wire spectacles in fine black pen ink.
Rowling lists the books he requires for his spells and describes the clothes he needs. She also reminds parents that 'first years' are not allowed there own broomsticks. The book ends with the acknowledgement 'From Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stones by me'. An exquisite piece in excellent condition.

It started with a premade opening bid of GBP 24,995.00
And ended early with ebays' 'By it Now', at the same price.
View auction HERE.

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