Thursday, June 02, 2005

Another chance for a ticket to Edinburgh
This one's another for Canadian kids, and brought to you by CBC Radio & Georgia Straight.
To enter this one, you need 'audition'for your chance to Win. For your chance to win the prize, enter your details in the form found HERE. When you've finished, just click on the 'Enter' button and you will be shown the Harry Potter and the Rookie Reporter Contest Hotline Number.
Once you have the Hotline Number, get ready to phone and tell us why you should be the Harry Potter Rookie Reporter for the Georgia Straight and CBC Radio! You will be able to record a one minute message, so make sure you are prepared for this audition.
They even give 'tips' on how to answer and such, so be sure to read that in case. ;)
So best of luck to any of our Canadian HP fans out there!

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