Friday, May 06, 2005

Tom's Blog update
Tom has updated his blog to include his latest fan signing/meeting in Milton Keynes, and also asks, if anyone would 'like to go and meet him' in one of the foreign countries he's thinking of visiting for signings. Read below for his entry:
We had a great day on Saturday at the Middleton Hall at Milton Keynes signing autographs all day! We had fans from Germany and Denmark plus lots of distant places in the UK. Sorry so many of you had such early starts in the day to get to me - all those fans who got up at 3 and 4am must have been really knackered by the end of the day! Hope it was worth it! We are going to put lots of photos of fans and me on the website and we are going to change them so that you may get to see your lovely faces on the site!
I had a nice week-end in all really. It was my Grandma's birthday on the Sunday so we had a big family celebration of all my brothers, aunts etc and it was such a nice evening we managed to have it outside in our courtyard. My grandfather put in a new pump for my mum's pond which she really loves. The fountain goes all the time without getting silted up and stopping so we had that in the background of our meal which was quite summery!
I went fishing again for 2 days and 1 night which was really great. Loads of fish and a friend caught a 30lb common carp which was a record for a girl at that lake. She was well pleased! Her photo will be in the fishing magazines I bet! Another converted to the thrills of fishing!!
I have been invited to Japan, USA, Australia and New Zealand for signing autographs which I am thinking about at the moment. Would anyone like me to go there and meet me?? Hope your life is OK.
Love Tom x

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