Saturday, May 14, 2005

Set Report from Weekly Reader
A reporter for Weekly Reader got the chance to visit the set of some filming of The Goblet of Fire, back when it was being filmed, and now they've put up their report on it. Read below for a taste:
Not far away are sets of the Gryffindor common room and a rolling meadow (with real grass) that served as the Portkey to the World Quidditch Cup. Then there is Professor Dumbledore's office. Visitors peer into the mystical Pensieve stone basin for storing thoughts, but alas, it is empty. The largest set is the Great Hall, guarded by 16 gargoyles, or sculptures of ugly winged creatures, on the walls. Other sets include the Hogwarts owlery, the Weasley family's extravagant tent at the Quidditch World Cup, the gloomy upstairs room in the Riddle House, and the eerie graveyard where the movie's most dramatic scene takes place.
On this particular afternoon, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is preparing to film a key scene with Katie Leung (Cho Chang) in the owlery. Crew members adjust the lighting and test the sound. When everything is ready and the camera is rolling, director Mike Newell shouts "Action!" On-camera, Cho breaks the news to Harry that she already has a date to the Yule Ball. Off-camera, animal trainers perched on ladders and scaffolding direct live owls to swoop behind Leung, as if they are arriving at Hogwarts. Although the scene is being shot indoors in front of a large green screen, there will be snowy mountain scenery behind Leung in the final cut. The scene, which might last 30 seconds on film, takes more than two hours to shoot from various angles.
To view the full article, be sure to stop by Weekly Readers' At Home at Hogwarts.
They've also got new interviews with some of the main cast:
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