Saturday, May 28, 2005

HB-P Contest
Well, with one contestant, one Amy Rice, already chosen to go to Rowlings' reading in Edinburgh, there's still many chances to get into other contests. The next one is for those in India. Read below for details:

Odyssey-a premier retail chain, specializing in books, music, toys, stationery, gifts, and multimedia is launching a contest and pre-ordering for the Harry Potter Fans in Chennai region. Children can pre-order by entering into a simple contest run at the Odyssey stores.
Odyssey is also offering the book at a special price for the children who are pre-booking with them. The special price offered is 15% less from the list price of the book. The children also get a special Harry Potter collectible cube worth Rs.125/- and a chance to win a trip to London/Oxford to visit the Harry Potter haunts/locations or win other exciting Harry potter merchandise. The children who wish to participate in the contest would need to pre-order the copy before 3 July. The winners for the same would be announced by 6 July.
For more details contact: 0422- 2494901or email at

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