Monday, May 02, 2005

Another report on CollectorMania7
Several Harry Potter cast members braved crowds of fans and Saturday shoppers in Milton Keynes last weekend. Lines for the HP guys were pretty consistent throughout the day so there wasn't a lot of time for chatting but all of the HP gang did their best to make autograph and photo hunters feel welcome and tried not to rush anyone through. Despite the crush we did manage to speak with Devon Murray who was sporting a tiny goatee beard. He was literally just back from what he described as "A fantastic trip down to Australia, New Zealand and the States. It was wild, man. The fans were fantastic and me and me mam had the best time. We did some events then when we got to the States we just toddled around a bit and enjoyed ourselves."

Jamie Yeates was sitting right next to Devon and thought it was hilarious how taken aback folk were that he was nothing like his Slytherin alter-ego. "People see the picture and then can't quite reconcile themselves to the fact that I'm a happy, smiley person."

The same went for Christian Coulson, old Tom Riddle himself. The most overheard remark made after he'd posed for pics and signed autographs was, "I can't believe how NICE he is."
We're not likely to hear that from Harry any time soon.

Next to Christian sat Jamie Waylett and Tom Felton. Sadly, we didn't get a chance to catch Jamie - he was a very popular and busy boy - though he did wave and give us the 'thumbs up' as we moved past. Tom Felton was also extremely popular but his mum was kind enough to let us sneak in at the side of the queue and take a few pictures. Whilst this little lady fan was in the queue she was all smiles but when it came her turn to come up to the dreaded Mr Malfoy, even the lack of blonde hair and famous Malfoy snear did nothing to settle her nerves and when he spoke to her, the four year old snuggled into her mum for safety. "It always happens," laughed Tom, "They're all keen to come and face up to Malfoy and then they scarper as soon as I go to shake hands." Fortunately there were lots of older girls who were more than happy to shake hands.

Later in the afternoon, once the crowds had died down and each attendee had a bit more time with their heroes, Devon Murray and his good friend Daniel Logan (Star Wars) decided to liven things up by blasting unsuspecting visitors with silly spray. Seems that Fred and George's mischievous influence reaches even muggle actors.

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