Wednesday, April 13, 2005

The GoF Game
You can pre-order this game in the US, for the platforms Sony PSP, Nintendo DS, XBox, PlayStation2, GameCube and GameBoy Advance - There will be new features, and a new look to the game. The virtual characters will look like much more like the actors in the movies this time about as well.
The new notable features? When casting a spell, the controller shakes to the wand's motion. Also, there is a co-operative mode that allows players to combine their skills and power. Yup! You heard it right. You can play through almost the entire game cooperatively with two other friends combining your magic to create more powerful spells. :)
Your spells will affect the world around you including the lighting in your surrounding environment and creating a stir of debris around you as you cast spells. You can defeat creatures in a variety of ways giving different rewards with a variety of magical jinxes. The summoning spell "Accio" is required to find and collect rewards, which prove to have a life of their own. Additionally, the game is more action-based with "play" embedded in the environment rather than the cerebral puzzles of previous games.
As well as all the contrasting environments in Goblet of Fire. Your adventures will take you through several locations both outside and inside. You'll journey to the Quidditch World Cup Campsite, embark on a path through the Forbidden Forest, fly around Hogwarts, sneak under the Prefects' Bathroom, swim in the lake outside Hogwart's, explore the maze, and more!
Here's a little on what the game is about, from EA:
In Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Harry is mysteriously selected as the fourth competitor in the dangerous Triwizard Tournament. Each contestant in this international competition must confront a fire-breathing dragon, rescue friends from the icy depths of the Black Lake, and navigate the twisting mysteries of a vast, dangerous maze. Players will experience all the thrills of the movie -- from the Quidditch World Cup campsite to a heart-stopping duel with Lord Voldemort himself!
Some of the newer creatures you will be facing in the GoF game will be Horntail Dragon, Erklings, Dugbogs, and Grindylows.

The Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire videogame will be released in November. It will be available for 'PlayStation 2 , PSP handheld, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Advance, and Windows PC. '
Please go HERE for the picture gallery of the current pictures from the game. ;)

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