Wednesday, March 09, 2005

New contest at Jamies' site
Jamie put up at his site today, that he's going to be having a new contest. It's one of fan art, and of course, it must have him somewhere in it. ;) The pieces need to be sent to him at his email addy, and then he and two friends will choose which they like the best. The reward? Two actually! Everyone who has a piece done for him, will get it posted in his new Fan art page he's creating. And the second (for the winning piece), is to be a picture signed by him and some 'friends'. So what are you waiting for!? Go on and get those pencils, inks, and colors out, and get to work. He hasn't set a time/date limit yet, but better to get started asap.
Go to his site HERE, to enter or check it out, and good luck. ;)

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