Sunday, March 06, 2005

Interview with Daniel Radcliffe
Dan has translated an interview with both he and Mike Newell from the Harry Potter World.

Will you participate in the next Harry Potter movie?I really hope so, but I heard that I'm now too old to play Harry, and it doesn't surprise me! And they say the same for Emma Watson and Rupert Grint. I think it's ridiculous, and very sad... So we will see. Of course, if they let me make the decision, I will do it again! Which scene was the most difficult for you to film in this movie?I think it was the ball scene. It wasn't as horrible for me as for Rupert {laughs}, but it wasn't easy.I acted like I was at my first party, I was stressed and embarrassed. I never had dance lessons, and I think that's evident, but my parents are both excellent dancers. If I got some of their talent, I would not look so ridiculous in this scene.
Also, Goblet of Fire Director Mike Newell said that he tried to remain "as faithful as possible" to the book:
"Some were surely surprised that I was chosen for directing this film! I promise you I have not destroyed the book, and we are as faithful as possible to the book. We want to thrill the Harry Potter fans, and we took extreme measures for that! I want to be sure to have the good emotion and the good atmosphere which will transfer all the aspects of the story on screen."The complete translation along with scans can be found here, thanks to It includes a synopsis of the GOF plot, which is possibly the same one the movie follows, as scenes we know have been cut (Privet Drive, The Burrow, SPEW) aren't included in it.

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