Monday, February 28, 2005

Interview with David Heyman
An interview by Sci Fi Wire with David Heyman gave a little insight on the goings on of the latest Potter film being shot now, The Goblet of Fire.
"Anything that doesn't really relate to Harry and Harry's journey is less relevant."
"That's not to say that there're not minor detours. Inevitably there are. But there are certain things that we don't spend as much time with as they do in the book, just by the very nature of the material."
Examples given,
The film will not deal with the subplot involving Winky and Dobby, two house elves, and the issue of elf liberation. "It's Hermione's issue," Heyman said. "Not to say Hermione's [not important]. Hermione's a vitally important character. But you have to make some choices. ... One piece of information ... we've put into another character, which feels perfectly organic [and] works. ... The story works perfectly without [the elf story]. And we consulted with Jo [Potter author J.K. Rowling] about it, and she was fine [with it]."
SCI FI Wire glimpsed a bit of filming during the recent set visit, including shooting inside the Weasleys' suprisingly spacious tent at the Quidditch World Cup. New sets for the film include the tent, a massive cemetery (where the film's climax takes place), a trophy room filled with silvered plaques and cups of various sizes, the Ministry Box at the Quidditch World Cup stadium, and a faux marble Trial Chamber, which rises several stories high. Filmmakers also constructed a large tank surrounded by green screens, where Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) and other actors performed underwater scenes, which will be enhanced with computer animation in post-production. And a massive Dragon Arena sits outdoors, where Harry and other contestants in the Triwizard Tournament will try to procure eggs from the flying beasts.
Hogwart's Great Hall, meanwhile, has been redressed for the Yule Ball, a big dance that occurs midway through the movie. Every surface has been silvered, with giant icicles to hang from the beams, and a giant Christmas tree sits at the head of the space. Heyman also revealed that the sequence will feature the Weird Sisters, a band consisting of singer Jarvis Cocker and members of the rock bands Radiohead and Pulp, which will give the movie a more hip feel.
"It's pretty interesting," Heyman said. "It's good. That's most definitely a different twist on the whole Potter thing. I think people will enjoy seeing the world getting bigger. I think the tasks are going to be great. And I think the kids [stars Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint] are better actors. They're just better actors, so you're seeing more nuance than you may have in the first film, and you saw more in the second and you saw more in the third." Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire opens in November.

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