Saturday, February 05, 2005

Interview from GoF
Make-A-Wish Foundation sent Harry Potter fan Kate to the Goblet of Fire set, where she met with Daniel. In an interview with, Kate said the following about our young Harry and GoF sets: "The sets really are genuinely amazing works of art! They are so carefully crafted down to the smallest detail! Every book is full of writing, every bottle full of potion. Judging by what I saw, Goblet of Fire will be an epic film of Harry Potter proportions. There is no other way to describe it other than amazing! The new sets for GoF will stun you! I can't wait to see Goblet of Fire. Going by what I saw, and the first three movies, it will leave us happier than ever before!"I first saw Dan while he was filming a scene with Alan Rickman, but I didn't have a chance to meet him then. A few hours later, we were taken to a different part of the four square mile set, where there were a few trailers parked....We were taken into the make-up trailer and I was standing literally two feet from Daniel Radcliffe himself! Dan got up, greeted us and shook our hands, but then he had to sit back down to have his make-up done....Once Dan's make-up was finished we all walked back to the set where he was filming with Alan Rickman, and they did the scene again. Between takes Dan would come over and talk with us."
"A photographer came in and gave us a mini photoshoot, and this is the picture from it! After a little while longer we had to go, and Dan said goodbye to us between a take! He is honestly the sweetest, nicest, coolest, awesomest person I have ever met in my life, EVER! Dan is so great!"

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