Saturday, January 15, 2005

An update on Devons' Diary
This was at Devon Murrays' site, as his latest in updates:
Events on January, 13th 2005!

I'm Back! Hi Guys! It's been a bit crazy for me lately.I have not been filming but there is so much to do in the yard with trying to get my horses fit.Also My Uncle died recently & that was not a great time for my family.Then we had a storm & the roof blew off my new Mare & foal boxes while they were inside. My PC is still not working properly so I am writing this from my Mothers laptop (Thanks Mam)Also, I am hoping to create a F.A.Q. module and make some other changes to the site. I will try to add some more photo's etc, So please bear with me for a little bit longer coz I am not really that good with computers OK?Lots of you guys have requested photos of the Horses but this is not a great time to take them until they are looking their best! so I'm sure you can understand. I have noticed that the GB is once again being abused so unless you want your IP tracked & barred Take Note! As for snailmail... I DID say that it may take some time to answer & I really am doing my BEST!!!As I have told you guys I answer them personally & there are just not enough hours in the day to keep up with them all! Thank you all(or Most of you) for your patience & Please continue to send them because I love to read them! The Irish address is my own personal P.O. Box & the letters are picked up regularly by myself or my parents so I get Them on a more regular basis than those sent to the Studio although I DO get them also. OK. I think thats all I gotta say for now so Talk to you all soon. Bye for Now, Your Friend, Devon

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