Thursday, January 20, 2005

Toms' latest Blog entry
Tom says he's nearly done filming for the GoF, and this will be his last blog entry for some time, as he intends to use his down time to kick back and relax. Read on for his full entry:
20th January 2005
Hi Thank you so much for all the presents and cards that you sent to me for Christmas - I do really appreciate them all especially when they have come from such a long distance such as the USA, Australia and Japan not forgetting all my English fans as well.
I have finished most of the filming now and am taking a rest from the film world and just going back to being a normal 17 year old with meeting up with mates, eating pizza and basically listening to music and just chilling out. So forgive me but I am not doing any more blog diary updates until later in the year when the next film comes out. It's quite hard sometimes being a public figure and that photographer nightmare incident in the airport in Germany certainly has put me off doing anything in public. Still I know that my real fans are not that intrusive and will leave me alone for a while to enjoy my own life.
I know I've warned you all before but DON'T BUY THINGS OFF E BAY - we've bought 4 signed 'authentic guaranteed' photos with my signature and THEY WERE ALL FAKE.
So, here's hoping you all have an excellent 2005 with good health and happiness.
Bye for nowLove Tom x

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